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Located in front of The Pelican Residence and Suites , Beach Club is regarded as the most exquisite and exclusive beach club on this side of the map.  As a family resident you will enjoy a preferred, carefree beach lifestyle at this prestigious beach club on Klong Moung Beach. The private, stylish beach club offers exclusive rights to the beach club pool bar, Café shop, Restaurant, Recreation center and 2 full size bars, all this while overlooking the amazing Andaman sea.

A place to gather, and take in the stunning scenery in the idyllic setting of Klong Moung  Beach, Krabi, just a few steps from the sands of one of Krabi’s most spectacular beaches.   Beach Clubhouse is the perfect venue not only for lunch, dinner or a drink, but also for that special occasion, whether it’s a family celebration, a corporate function or wedding celebration. Stop in at the bar after a day at the beach or stay for a meal, whether you’re a visitor or tenant you’ll soon become a regular, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and fine cuisine that only the clubhouse has to offer. Dining with family and friends, or enjoying a cocktail on the terrace or in the pavilion. Throughout the year, the Clubhouse features various artists playing local live music adding a distinct atmosphere to the restaurant.